Prepare for the Unknown, Secure Your Future at Laoban Farms

Find security, self-sustainability, and a supportive community at Laoban Farms, where we provide shelter, safety, and peace of mind during major catastrophic events.

What we offer

In the face of unpredictable events, Laoban Farms stands as a beacon of resilience and preparedness. Our comprehensive offerings are designed to provide you with the essential tools, resources, and community support necessary for survival during catastrophic scenarios.
90 Days of Food Supplies
90 days of food supplies to ensure your sustenance during uncertain times.
Farming Education
Access to seeds, tools, and guidance for cultivating a sustainable food source.
First Aid
Stay prepared with first aid supplies, ensuring the well-being of yourself and your family.
Safety in Numbers
Join a community where every member actively contributes to overall well-being.

About us

Laoban Farms is the visionary creation of Mark Grant, a forward-thinking individual determined to provide a place of shelter, safety, and security during major catastrophic events. Supported by a dedicated team, our mission is to offer a sanctuary where resilience meets community, empowering individuals to thrive in the face of uncertainty.
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why we need this

 From the vulnerability of existing systems to the risks of natural disasters and geopolitical tensions, our community provides the safety, self-sustainability, and peace of mind that will ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones.
Failure of the Electricity Grid
Safeguard against the consequences of electricity grid failures, which can disrupt the way of life for entire countries or even the world, by ensuring a secure and self-sustainable environment.
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
Protect yourself from the potential impact of manmade weapons or natural solar storms that could unleash an electromagnetic pulse, leading to widespread disruption and chaos.
Nuclear Event
Find safety and security during a nuclear event, providing a shield against the devastating consequences and ensuring the well-being of yourself and your loved ones.
Prepare for the uncertainties of war by joining Laoban Farms, where you can establish a resilient community that can withstand the challenges and upheavals of conflicts.
Be equipped to face the challenges of pandemics, ensuring access to vital resources, a supportive community, and the ability to sustain yourself and your family.
Cybersecurity Threats
Protect against hackers who can disable critical infrastructure, including the internet, impacting water supply, food distribution, and the functioning of the electricity grid.

Why Laoban Farms

We believe in facing the challenges of an uncertain world head-on. Our mission is rooted in the understanding that the need for a sanctuary becomes increasingly vital as we navigate potential threats and disruptions.
Safety and Security
Laoban Farms provides a secure and protected environment during major catastrophic events, ensuring the well-being and safety of our members.
Access to essential resources, including food, water, and energy, enabling you to thrive independently in times of crisis.
Community Resilience
Become part of a supportive community where collaboration and shared knowledge strengthen our collective ability to overcome challenges.
Preparedness and Adaptability
Knowledge to navigate diverse scenarios, from natural disasters to geopolitical instabilities, ensuring you are prepared for any eventuality.
Peace of Mind
Laoban Farms provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a dedicated sanctuary to turn to when uncertainty strikes.
Long-Term Sustainability
We strive to create a future that fosters resilience through sustainable farming practices, renewable energy sources, and resource management.

Membership Fees

At Laoban Farms, we offer flexible and transparent membership fee structures that cater to different needs and preferences.
Inc. GST
First 500 Members
Enjoy a substantial discount as early adopters.
Five year membership
Access to a secure sanctuary
Self-sustainability resources
Support of a resilient collective
Flexible payment options
25% Renewal discount
Reserve Your Spot
Inc. GST
500+ Members
For new members joining after the initial 500.
Five year membership
Access to a secure sanctuary
Self-sustainability resources
Support of a resilient collective
Flexible payment options
25% Renewal discount
Reserve Your Spot
Join the Resilient Community of Laoban Farms Today.