Enjoy self-sustainability, access to vital resources, and the support of a like-minded community.

Mark Grant's Journey

Laoban Farms is the brainchild of Mark Grant, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for preparedness and community resilience. Located in the picturesque regions of New England and Hastings in New South Wales, Australia, Laoban Farms was established to provide a safe haven and a sense of security during major catastrophic events.

Mark Grant, a Port Macquarie native, brings a unique perspective to Laoban Farms. His unconventional thinking and unwavering determination led him to propose the idea of a self-sustainable sanctuary to friends and family. Despite initial skepticism and raised eyebrows, Mark's response remained steadfast: "The light bulb was considered controversial when it was introduced as well."

Expertise and Team

With a strong background in banking and a knack for handling paperwork, Mark ensures the administrative side of Laoban Farms is well-managed. However, he acknowledges his limitations when it comes to manual labor and relies on a dedicated team of individuals, including Tahlia, Lachlan, and Ariel, to ensure the smooth operation of the farm.

Our Mission

The driving force behind Laoban Farms is to provide shelter, safety, and security in the face of potential catastrophic events that could disrupt our way of life. From failures in the electricity grid and cyber threats to natural disasters and geopolitical instabilities, we understand the myriad of risks that loom over our modern society.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Our vision extends beyond survival; it encompasses the creation of a resilient and sustainable future. Through strategic planning, renewable energy sources, and responsible resource management, we strive to foster a harmonious coexistence with our environment.

Future Plans

Our ultimate plan involves the acquisition of a larger, purpose-built property that can accommodate 100+ members. Whether it be in the picturesque Hastings Valley or the fertile lands of the New England Region, the goal remains the same — to create a sanctuary that meets our unique needs.

What We Offer

Laoban Farms is not a resort or a luxury retreat. We expect all members to actively participate in the farm's operations. Our community thrives on collaboration, self-sustainability, and a shared sense of responsibility. By joining Laoban Farms, you become part of a like-minded community committed to securing the well-being of our loved ones in times of uncertainty.
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