Frequently asked questions based on the specific concerns and inquiries relevant to Laoban Farms and its community.

Frequently asked questions.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Laoban Farms, our mission, membership, and how we ensure the safety and self-sustainability of our community.
Can I bring my family with me?
This is a hard NO – if you purchase one membership, you will be able to use one place at the farm.

If you insist on arriving with your family members, you will be refused entry.

If you decide to bring a crowd with you with the intent to over run the facility, please be aware that we have security measures in place to avoid this.
Do I have to contribute to farm operations?
This is a hard YES - everyone is expected to do their share in ensuring that the farm is sustainable and providing for the members.

It is understood that an elderly person would not be expected to tend the crops or animals, but they could mind the children, cook or even wash the dishes!
Can I visit the farm anytime I wish?
Regular visits to the farm are not permitted outside of scheduled open days. However, members may have the opportunity to stay on the property or arrange visits by appointment once the community has progressed to later phases.
Why are there two fee types?
The membership fee covers infrastructure costs, while the operational fee replenishes perishable items and maintains essential services. Separating the fees ensures transparency and sustainability for the community.
Who makes the decisions?
In an ideal world, a “majority rules” situation would be perfect– but with so many people & so many differing opinions, this is not practical when a life and death situation is involved.

The management of the farm have ultimate decision making powers and any direction from staff is to be followed.

Yes, this is more of a dictatorship than a democracy – but the management has the best interest of the community at heart & will not be unreasonable.
Do I own a part of the farm as a member?
No – you are a member, think of it as a Gym membership where the dumb bells are replaced by shovels!
What is the meaning of the name Laoban?
Laoban means BOSS in Chinese, as we see China as the main antagonist, it is a bit of a cheeky way of telling China that we are the BOSS of our own destiny.
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