The Properties

Laoban Farms takes pride in offering strategically located properties that serve as sanctuaries during times of crisis.
Our properties are carefully selected to provide shelter, self-sustainability, and a sense of security for our community members.

Property #1: New England Region

Located amidst the fertile lands of the New England Region, this property offers a serene and picturesque setting. With its abundance of fertile soil, it provides an ideal environment for cultivating crops and ensuring long-term self-sustainability. The property can accommodate up to 50 members at short notice, making it an essential contingency plan in case our other properties become inaccessible. It is conveniently situated within a 6-hour drive from Sydney and a 5-hour drive from Brisbane, making it easily accessible during critical times.

Property #2: Hastings Region

Our flagship property, situated in the expansive Hastings Region, boasts larger grounds and ample space for various agricultural activities. With existing livestock and vast tracts of land for farming, this property is designed to support the long-term sustenance of our community. It can comfortably house over 100 members at short notice and offers a sense of security in its self-sustainable infrastructure. Accessible within a 4-hour drive from Sydney and a 5-hour drive from Brisbane, this property ensures that members can reach it on less than one tank of fuel for most vehicles.

Future Property: Expansion Plans

Laoban Farms envisions the acquisition of a larger property, spanning over 100 acres, to cater to a growing membership base. While the exact location is yet to be determined, our focus remains on the Hastings Valley or potentially the New England Region. This future property will be purpose-built to meet the unique needs of our community, ensuring enhanced self-sustainability, increased capacity, and additional facilities tailored to our members' requirements.
All our properties are strategically chosen to be within a reasonable driving distance of major cities, allowing members to reach them quickly during emergencies. We understand the importance of accessibility and proximity to essential resources in times of crisis, and our properties reflect that commitment.

From storage sheds and residential structures to underground hidden storage facilities, our properties are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support the preparedness and comfort of our community. The beautiful surroundings, fertile lands, and supporting facilities of our properties contribute to the resilience and appeal of Laoban Farms.

As our community grows, we remain dedicated to expanding and acquiring additional land to meet the needs of our members. These expansion plans ensure a sustainable and secure future for all. Explore our properties further to understand how Laoban Farms provides a safe haven and fosters self-sustainability during challenging times.

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